No dormice required: legionary blog calendars

Poor Piktochart. I heard the infographic-maker mentioned at LearnInbound last month, and it’s been languishing on my to-do list ever since, quietly waiting for me to “check it out” “asap”. It’s also got 3 exclamation marks. Three!!! You’d think I’d have gotten around to it already.

Read the Piktochart blog already!

Funny, then, that even though I haven’t even signed up for the tool, I’m on their website all the time. They have an awesome blog, and the ideal ethos: customer success is their self-stated priority, which means reading their blog is MY priority.

A recent winner

Recent article "Why We Have an Editorial Calendar, And How We Use" it is a perfect example. Entertaining intro (comparing your content team to the Roman Legion? That’s the attitude!), step-by-step workflow that can be used straight out of the box, clear illustration and a free downloadable template. What more do you want?


The hardest part of blog calendars

This particular prime piece of content explains how the geographically-diverse remote team of 6 manages to make a content calendar work across 5 countries and 4 timezones, which is no easy feat. I’ve been in a similar situation, and by far the hardest part of that particular challenge is the timezones. I’m sure the Piktochart guys have had their issues, but with a solid plan, it means that little problems (or 8 hours here or there) shouldn’t ruin the whole operation. 

Never do this

When you’re talking about a content calendar, it’s essential to stick to the plan through hell or high water. You start missing an article here, or an update there and it will go KERPLUNK with breathtaking speed. Problems will crop up, sure, but with a solid plan, they won’t derail the calendar. 

Start with free tools

Remember, if you’re starting out Trello, Slack and Google Docs are all free (and you can upgrade for an increased range of features if/when you have a better footing).

Here's the meaty stuff

Now get Roman on that content! Er, the domination part. No dormice or orgies necessary.

This article was originally published on on November 24th, 2015 and moved to Clockwork Blog with slight edits on November 12nd, 2017.