Clockwork Blog and Our Plans for 2017

There have been quite a few changes around here recently, so I thought I'd make a quick post to show you how we got here, explain what we do, and let you know what's in store for (the rest of) 2017 here at Clockwork Blog Digital Strategy.

How we got here


Well, considering that we ran out of coffee this morning, how I got here, to my desk, is a bit of a mystery. On a more general scale, Clockwork Blog has actually been around for a while but has shared the spotlight with, which will be shut down over the next few weeks. You're probably more familiar with Niamhly because pretty much everything used the Niamhly name - the blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and email. 

Over on the About page, you can read more about the change and why we made it, but if you don't fancy the journey, the short version is that the digital consulting business (Niamhly) and the digital skills training business (Clockwork Blog) have been merged into Clockwork Blog and this will be the only brand from here on in. I (Niamh Lynch) am still behind the brand, along with my business and life partner (gack!), Mike Simons

What do we do?

Loads of stuff, but of the things you might be interested in:

Digital strategy

This is where we help businesses bridge the gap between what you're doing online for your business (website, shop, blog, content marketing, etc.) and the results you're seeing in financial and growth terms. When the two don't add up (i.e. you're not seeing results, you're not making money, you can't see the benefit, there's no growth, there's no engagement), we step in to discover why and set you right. 

This is obviously a very individual process, so we start any possible project off with a no-obligation call to see if we think we can help. You can read more about digital consulting here.

Digital skills training

This part of the business is very important to me. As more and more people set up businesses with online components, I see more and more people being stumped, stymied and frustrated by gaps in their digital knowledge. In the worst cases, these knowledge gaps are leaving them open to underperformance, financial loss and security issues, and it's completely avoidable. 

Our classes cover a wide range of topics and levels, but they're all focussed on practical skills that you can apply to your online business as soon as possible. To give you a taste of what's coming in the near future, we've got business blogging for beginners, an advanced business blogging masterclass, copywriting for your online business, promoting your business blog, managing social, blogging and promotion on a tight schedule, using great images online, and basic SEO for small business. There are online, individual, and in-person options for courses, and you can read more about them here

Other services

Yep, super vague, I know, but this is where we collect all the other little bits and pieces we offer. There's copywriting (writing pages for your website, if you don't have the gift of the gab yourself), website audits, where we make sure that using your website is an excellent experience for your clients, and troubleshooting, where we try to resolve the very specific problems that crop up on more complex websites. This is often where Mike comes in, helping by bringing programming magic to bits of your website that simply won't behave. 

You can take a look at more information on these services here

What's in store for the rest of the year?


Well, I'm glad you asked! The most immediate concern is to launch our first product, the Content Promotion Mastermind. This is a worksheet that guides you through content planning, creation, and promotion, with the aim of ensuring that all the content you produce is of top quality and perfectly pitched so that you can justify the significant time and effort that goes into the really good promotion. 


The Mastermind walks you through every step of planning and promotion (you'll have to write the blog post yourself!) so that you will know exactly what to do and when. When you build up experience, you'll be able to modify the guide yourself to mold it to your personal experience.

If you use the guide as specified for a decent trial period, I would bet money that you will be AMAZED at the results you'll get from your content marketing. It covers everything from planning and keyword research to headlines and custom images and paid and organic ads to a/b testing and repurposing. If you'd like to be the first to know when it goes online, sign up here

Online Courses

Once the Promotion Mastermind goes online, we'll be concentrating on getting our first 6 online, online. They're not too far from completion, and will initially be offered through Thinkific. They're 100% online, so you can cover them at your own pace, and they involve about 5 hours of material. We think they'll be priced in the region of €50 ($60/£45/₹3840), with discounts available for bulk purchase and charitable organizations. If you'd like to know when these courses go online, sign up here

Blogging Masterclasses

Once we have a small selection of courses on Thinkific, we'll get our blogging masterclasses back on the road, both online and, if the demand is there, in person. These courses get great feedback from participants and are available at 2 levels - the beginner's course, which creates a blog and a blog post from scratch ensuring that participants have a sufficiently complete knowledge of both blogging and the platform to carry on after the course without outside help, and the blogging masterclass, which is for people who already blog for business who want to take that blog to the next level in terms of results, growth and profits. If you want an alert about these courses, click here

After all that, I'll probably have a cup of a tea and a sit-down. 

If you'd like more information about anything I've discussed here, please do send me an email. We'll have a casual chat (maybe while I'm having that tea), which is the best way to start off any possible relationship. 

What now?

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