19 great places to get free images for your blog

When you spend your days knee-deep in blogging, it can sometimes be hard to think out of the bubble and, instead, assume everyone knows the same things that you do. That's why, today, I'm going to give you 19 great places to get free images for your blog - and a few specialist image sites for good measure. If I'm missing something awesome, let me know!

Places to get free images for your blog


My all-time favorite, Unsplash has pictures of pretty much everything, good categorization and a search function. All the images are really high quality.


Pixabay is another classic, and has the added benefit of having more than "just" photos - you'll get free videos (good for backgrounds) and vector images (drawings) here. 


Another very useful site and one of my backups if I can't find what I need on Unsplash. Has the added benefit of a very simple license statement - CC0. That means you can do anything legal with the images and is pretty common, but it's nice to see it spelled out so clearly.


More laid-back stock images, again with a search function. What's nice about this one is that it's run by an Irish company, Hidden Depth, so some of the non-travel photos have an Irish vibe if that's your thing!

Startup Stock Photos

This site makes me laugh - the images are supremely startuppy, if that's what you need. The site itself doesn't have a search function, however, which makes it a little less attractive. You'll find some of the images here on other sites that do have search, so you might be able to get them elsewhere. 

ISO Republic

There's nothing wildly different about ISO Republic, but it does have a slightly different vibe to some of the others, which might be what you are looking for. It also has the coveted "textures" category, which is dead handy, especially for using places other than your blog (website pages, headers, etc.).

Whimsical and/or kinda creepy? Gratisography has you covered.

Whimsical and/or kinda creepy? Gratisography has you covered.


Gratisography is great because it has a completely different vibe - these images are funny, whimsical and unusual and completely unlike what you'll find on many of the other sites. 


I like Splitshire because it has some interesting categories that you don't get elsewhere, including interiors, still life, mock-ups, and bokeh. It also has search and free videos.


Hubspot wouldn't normally be my first recommendation for images, but they do have several packs of images you can download (in return for your email address, obviously!). The reason that I include it here, however, is because one of the packs is stuffed with "holiday" themed images (i.e. New Years and Halloween) and it could be a good resource to have to hand quickly.


There's nothing wildly different about this site, but the photos are all taken by one person, and I like his style!


Fancycrave is a strange one - it's part blog, part free image site. It's not my first stop, as it's organized by collection (no search), but some of those collections are interesting, especially if you're a niche blogger


Burst is a great source to have on hand. As it's from the Shopify stable, as you might have guessed, all the images are supremely polished and commercial, which makes it great if you're using them to sell a product. 

Negative Space

Another relatively normal site on most accounts, I like Negative Space because they have lots of images of typography, which always looks good online. 

Death to Stock

Death to the stock photo has been around a while and works on a slightly different basis to the others on the list. You sign up and get a monthly email containing a collection of visual assets on a theme. You get videos, music, images, fancy gifs, and more. There's also a premium tier. 

Specialist Collections of free stock photos

These are various websites that focus on a single topic, more or less. You may well find some of these images on the other sites, but if you're after a certain image-type in particular, these well may offer some good options.


When only a photo of retro biscuit packers will do...New Old Stock.

When only a photo of retro biscuit packers will do...New Old Stock.

Images of all kinds of stuff to make you hungry.


Fancy travel images from around the globe.

New Old Stock

Ye olde stock photos. I have tried valiantly to find a place for these on my website and blog for the last 5 years, more or less, but I've always failed. Until today.


So THAT'S where all those mostly white, girly desk photos that are just waiting to be filled with a motivational quote come from! Only joking (sort of) - this site offers free entrepreneurial/lifestyle images with a (one type of) female angle.


Blogpiks is nowhere near as professional and stylish as the others I've mentioned, but it caught my eye because it has a lot of premade graphics (word clouds, words printed on objects, line drawings, etc.) that could come in handy (in tiny amounts, infrequently).

I'm guessing that you'll find some great images by digging around on the sites that I've mentioned, so check them out and don't be afraid to try something new on your blog or website. There's another article about using images online here, and one that looks at featured images (among other post settings) here.

I know that using images can be a little confusing when you're just getting started, so for the next little while I'd like to offer you a free copy of a presentation I gave last year - Online Images 101. It's a primer in finding and using images on the internet and deals with some of the problems that can crop up, like editing, SEO, and copyright. Click on the button below to download.