New event: Digital Strategies in Action - Advice, Doubts, and Troubleshooting

Digital Strategies in Action - Advice, Doubts, and Troubleshooting

On June 5th, I'll present Digital Strategies in Action, an interactive workshop designed for people with questions or doubts about their online business to come together to troubleshoot and brainstorm new options, problems and hesitations they're having when it comes to doing business online. 

Digital Strategies in Action-barcelona

Want an example? Let's say you launch a new star product or service. How do you best promote it? Make a microsite,  a new page on your website, or a standalone landing page? Start a new social media account on a channel that better meets your needs or plan a new campaign on an existing channel? Will content marketing help? Or an influencer campaign?

Another? Ok, you have a Facebook page, just like everyone else. It's where all your friends and customers are, and you enjoy hanging out there. You've also got a website, but it never looks quite right and nobody ever seems to visit. Should you just close the website and focus 100% on Facebook?

Get the picture? You'll be able to describe your problem area and get feedback and help (both from me and other attendees) to help you overcome the business block. Think of it as group consulting!

Important details

In contrast to other workshops I've held with Barcelona Women Entrepreneurs, this event differs on two points. The location and time. Firstly, it will be held in ImagineCafè on Carrer Pelai 19, right in the middle of the city. The nearest metros are Universitat and Catalunya. Secondly, it will happen at 10 am in the morning, and not in the evening.

The workshop

Remember - this is a troubleshooting workshop. Please come with troubles to shoot! There's no "teaching", per se. Instead, we'll take specific problems and work on them as a group, sharing experiences and offering workarounds. 

More info

This workshop is €15 and every participant will get a 20% on social media and digital strategy with me after the event.

Sound like you want to get involved? If you're in Barcelona, it will be a workshop that everyone can get value and peace of mind from.

More information and tickets here:

Send me an email via the contact page if you have any questions.