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Woo-eeee! It has been 6 long months since I last posted here. Want to know a secret? It’s been about the same 6 months that I haven’t logged into the blog, the Clockwork Blog website, looked at the Google Analytics - nothing! I am the worse content marketer alive!

i’ve been undergoing some legit change, though, so I don’t feel too bad. I don’t think the Googlebot’s going to accept that as an excuse though, so I’m going to just have to push on through!

Cute, right?

Cute, right?

Today, I’m not sharing anything deep or meaningful with you. I just want to let you know that we’ve launched INBOUND EASY, our inbound marketing template site, over on Etsy. We’re going to stuff it full of content marketing worksheets, templates, how-to guides and more, so that can-do small businesses (YOU’RE a can-do small business, right?) can take some ownership of their content and inbound marketing and produce some stellar content themselves.

Ready to grab the reins and ride off into inbound success yourself? Have yourself a little 20% discount for the journey: backblogging

Go get ‘em!