1 Thing This Week: claim your Google My Business

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Take 15 minutes to make sure your business is connected to a Google My Business account, and make a list of anything you need to do to improve and optimize your listing. 


There are so many aspects of your business that are related to Google - you've got your maps listing, your search results, your Google+ account, and probably several more that just haven't occurred to me.

Google My Business (GMB, in internet shorthand), is Google's answer to the chaos and is designed to let you manage all of the information and connections from one interface. It keeps Google happy and helps your local SEO, both of which are win-win situations.


Easily done in 15 minutes.


  • Visit Google My Business and log in with the Google profile associated with your account (the one you use for business Gmail, Google+, Adwords, etc).
  • Add your business to "manage locations". It doesn't matter if your business is physical, virtual or both - there's an option to add it. If you work from your home, you'll have to give Google the address, but that address does not have to be published publically.
  • If your business has various locations or branches, add them individually to the same listing.
  • Once you've added it, Google will send you a physical confirmation code in the post. You then have to enter the code on the GMB website, and your business will have been verified. 

Optional jobs

  • Polish and optimize your GMB profile by following the advice in this article.

Need more help?

If you're having problems with your Google My Business profile, or need help managing your Google profile, get in touch.

We can provide consulting (we'll tell you how to do it!), outsourcing (we'll do it for you!) or mentoring (you'll do it, and we'll give you feedback!). It's remote or in person, it's equally effective): send me a message or call me.