1 Thing This Week: prune & polish social

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Take a few minutes to take stock of your social media accounts and - whether they are active or not - make sure they present the best possible face to your public


Prospective clients use social media accounts of social proof (by seeing that others approve of you on social media, it helps potential clients feel happier that you are "worth" their interest and loyalty). It doesn't matter that you don't have an active account on every, single platform (in fact, I don't think you should). What does matter is that everywhere online, your brand looks polished, professional and under control.


You can have an impact in 15, but most people will take 30. If you've been online for a long time, it could take more.


  1. Open a spreadsheet and list every social account connected to your brand. If you're the brand, you may want to add "personal" accounts in there.
  2. Visit your "flagship" social media account. Take note of the branding, feel, graphics and activity.
  3. Work your way through the list. Make sure every account echoes your star account. Specifically, ensure:
  • Your bio description is on-brand and accurate
  • Your website URL is clearly visible and working
  • Any imagery used is on-brand and of good quality
  • Check the feed for appropriateness

Optional jobs

  • Continue to fill out the spreadsheet and perform a social media audit
  • Link to your "flagship" social media account from less active ones
  • Prune your accounts, closing down any that aren't active

Need more help?

If you think your social media needs some professional help, Clockwork Blog offers the following:

Doubtful your social media is making an impact on your bottom line?

We can perform a social media audit and give you a report detailing how to improve your social media

Unsure about what you're doing on social media?

Together we can create a social media strategy - a daily blueprint to online success

Spending too much time on social media?

We can have a social media streamlining session, where I show you how to your manage social as quickly and efficiently as possible.


If you'd like to talk about any of these options (remote or in person, it's equally effective), send me a message or call me.