New event: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for total beginners

On April 4th, in Downtown Offices (Carrer de Balmes, 323, Barcelona, I'll be hosting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for total beginners. It's an interactive workshop designed for solopreneurs and small businesses.

The workshop

First, I’ll explain the theoretical basics of SEO and make sure you understand how search engine optimization works. Then I will perform 5 changes/improvements to my own website, so you can see how to do it. If you want, you can bring your own laptop and make the changes on your own website alongside me. Then there will be time for questions!

If any of this rings a bell, get in touch!

If any of this rings a bell, get in touch!

SEO isn't as scary as it seems. It's a logical, methodological way of leading Google from a search query to your website. The changes you make to help this process are called SEO. They're also incremental, meaning you can make as few or as many as you feel comfortable with (and every little helps!). 

The reason I think it's such a good idea for business owners to understand SEO and perform changes, even small ones, to their own website is that SEO is the only way of encouraging extra visitors to your site without paying for advertising. Add that to the fact that you'll learn a great deal about how your website works "under the cover" and you've got some skills that will be useful to you for years to come.

Sound like you want to get involved? If you're in Barcelona, it will be the most rewarding 2 hours you spend this month!

More information and tickets (€15) here:

Send me an email via the contact page if you have any questions.