New event: Social Media and Your Business

On March 19th, in Downtown Offices (Carrer de Balmes, 323, Barcelona 08006), I'll be hosting Social Media and Your Business. It's a workshop designed for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses.

Everybody uses social media - you probably found this post via social media, in fact - but what not everyone does is use it correctly as a tool for business.  If you're struggling with social media for business, you might be having the following problems:

  • You don't know if your social media efforts are profitable for your business
  • You are overwhelmed by all the time you need to spend curating and updating
  • You find it difficult to know what social networks your business should be present on

At Social Media and Your Business, we'll look at all these issues.

The workshop

We’re going to take a look at how to corral the seemingly wild world of social media and put it to work for your business. We want to make sure that what you do on social media is supporting your business goals, and that it’s easily managed and scalable as your business grows.

We’ll divide the night into 6 sections, with time for questions at the end of each.

● The role of social media in a digital strategy
● The importance of goals and metrics
● The current social media landscape (apps and sites)
● First steps in creating your own social media strategy
● Tools and automation in social media management
● Outsourcing your social media/community management

If any of this rings a bell, get in touch!

If any of this rings a bell, get in touch!

Remember, I can't tell you what social networks to use for your business. What I want to do is make sure you understand what you need to assess when you're making that decision to ensure you make the right choice!

The details

This workshop is €15 and every participant will get a 20% on social media and digital strategy with me after the event.

Sound like you want to get involved? If you're in Barcelona, it will be a workshop that everyone can get value and peace of mind from.

More information and tickets here:

Send me an email via the contact page if you have any questions.