March 30: the best I've read this week

The best I've read this week

Welcome to The best I've read this week where I round up the best and most useful articles and videos I've seen in the last week.

A quiet week this week as things power down in advance of the Easter or Spring holidays (or Autumn?), depending on where you are. Before you fall into a chocolate coma, though, take a peek at the articles below; there are some really helpful tips that you can implement on your website right away, and a nice, compact intro to PPC, one of many digital strategy acronyms that might have you confused.

Have a great holiday!

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Links for the week leading up to March 30th, 2018

How to Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising for your Small Business

PPC or pay per click ads are a very complicated beast, and it's rare you find as short, succinct, and to-the-point explanation as this. It won't help you build an awesome ads campaign, but it will remove the mystery from PPC.

The 4 Content Optimization Rules You Can’t Afford to Break

If you follow the advice in this concise, 4-step article, you will 10x the impact, clarity, and success of your blog posts and other content. If you scan down and think it's too complicated, make a cup of tea and resolve to tackle the beast - it's knowledge you can't afford to miss if you're serious about creating content.

6 Powerful Ways UX Can Affect Your Conversion Rates

Super powerful - but fully actionable - ways to improve your conversion rate (number of people who do what you want them to do!), especially in stores or on landing pages you might have.