May 4: the best I've read this week

The best I've read this week

The BIRTW (pronounce it bert-wih. It'll catch on, I'm certain) is back after a break for all of life happening at once! The articles this week are from the previous two weeks, but they're all top-quality stuff.

I particularly like the Google My Business article from Hubspot. Although it says it was published just the other week, I'm not sure if I've seen it online before. Even so, it's a great guide because if you read it once and apply the advice, you're practically done for Google My Business, one of the lowest maintenance networks out there. Is GMB necessary? No, but I think it's highly advisable.

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Links for the week of May 4, 2018

12 Overlooked Facebook Features That Help Marketers

If you haven't already run screaming from Facebook, congrats. If you're not worried about your privacy, it may have occurred to you that it's definitely a time-suck. Implement and use these features, and cut down on inefficiency when you're using the granddaddy of social networks.

How to Create Pillar Content Google Will Love

Pillar content is the kind of heavy-duty cornerstone content you should build a business blog around. Google loves it, and it will give a solidity and foundation to your blog that will prove invaluable in the long term. If time is tight, it's precisely what you should outsource to a writer; just make sure your planning and strategy behind the content is watertight before you do.

The Ultimate Guide to Google My Business

Have we seen it before or haven't we? It doesn't matter - if you use GMB or are thinking about it, follow this guide from start to finish and you'll be able to sleep soundly. If you need a little more persuasion, look here - I wrote about it last month.